The teaching methodology: CBIL and VBIL, i.e. "Concept Based Integrated Learning and Value Based Integrated learning" , facilitate the integration of global ideas and the rich cultural beliefs and values of India.

The curriculum is in accordance with the guidelines of the CBSE and is followed through NCERT based text books.Sports and physical education has an important place in the curriculum and is compulsory for all students. Performing and creative arts are as much a part of the students' school life along with academics. Eco club, quiz club, connoisseur's club, homemaker's club, computer club, theatre and dramatics are woven into the daily curriculum. Apart from the general education program, workshops, educational tours and excursions for students and workshops for parents are also organized regularly.

Our academic approach has the essentials of:


The curriculum is integrated so that learning happens primarily through projects, learning centers, hands on activity and playful activities. Skills required to carry out projects are learnt and interests of children are reflected in the work. Interdisciplinary teaching integrates math, science, social studies and computer applications.


In JPS we don't give a series of lectures to the children to prepare them to walk, talk, climb, run, play a game or learn how to behave. We just let the children to do these things because there is no better way than learning by doing.


We recognize the importance of differentiated instruction and one-on-one assistance for our students. Our teachers often spend extra time with students before and after school or try to find additional opportunities for working with individual children throughout the school day.

Different types of activities with varying degrees of complexity are provided in order to focus on different learning styles and developmental levels. The quick learners are stimulated by follow up exercises and challenging assignments. Children with different learning abilities are given individual attention, simple instructions and exposure to learning aids to which they respond.


At JPS, student's needs are met through this program. Their intellectual needs are met by constantly being challenged and frequently exercising their creativity. At the same time, their emotional needs are met by working closely with peers and others. They develop diverse strengths and understand themselves better as individuals.

The emphasis in such a program is upon learning rather than teaching. The students' interests and developmental needs dictate the direction of the program. Such an instruction model adapts to students, rather than expecting students to adapt to it.

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