Our academic focus is based on a philosophy of teaching that is consistent with exemplary practices and meets national standards in education.

We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus, widely regarded as one with the most enlightened outlook and curriculum within our education system. The core faculty of the school is a proactive team of experienced teachers, who combine high standards of teaching with sensitivity to the emotional needs of their students.

Each stage of schooling is carefully constructed, to make a student's journey from one level of school to the next as seamless and rewarding as possible.

Our CBSE-based Approach

  • A student-friendly, student-centered learning rather than a teacher centered approach, interactive focus.

  • A balanced breadth of academic coverage; neither does it overburden the student, nor is it superficial.

  • Constant and innovative review of the syllabus to ensure it is contemporary and meaningful, with due importance being placed on skill-based, job-oriented and job-linked inputs. Subjects covered include Communicative English, Spoken Hindi,Life Skills Education and more.

  • Ongoing professional development that ensure high standards of professional practice.

  • Updation of teachers' skills through workshops and training programs.

  • Regular monitoring by the CBSE Board, thereby ensuring that its academic standards and educational philosophy are being met.

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