• Class rooms

  • Class Rooms are well ventilated and have ample natural light and air. They provide comfortable seating for students. They have good display areas for displaying students project work etc. Class rooms are equipped with an interactive board, projector and computer with Ultra modern educational Software's Each class room also has storage space for students to keep their books as they are only allowed to take books to home as per schedule given.

  • Library

  • To expand and widen the horizons of the students as well as teachers there is a well-stocked library. It forms an integral part of the school. The reading material covers exhaustive reading material - fiction and non-fiction books and a wide range of journals for both curriculum and recreational needs. The library subscribes to periodicals and leading dailies, along-with general reading and long and short range reference services. It also supplies teaching and other materials to enrich the classroom activities and teaching. This unique world of books caters to the needs and interest of children of all ages and is a valuable resource for teachers as well.

  • Computer Lab

  • The computer labs at JPS are well-equipped with the latest computers and educational/training software(s)/simulations. Students begin to familiarize themselves from an early age with basic computer skills, use of Paint Brush, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keyboard skills. By the end of middle classes students are confidently able to harness the power of Internet, work on multimedia projects and use integrated software applications. Children can apart from doing regular class-work use the PCs to do their project work. All the PCs are connected to the internet through firewalls to ensure that children access only child friendly websites and content.Students are routinely encouraged to use technology in their language classes, science classes, computer classes and in the math lab.

  • Science Lab

  • A Junior science lab ensures that children understand and appreciate the power of exploration and experimentation. Visits to the science lab are part of the regular curriculum whereby teacher and students can conduct experiments to learn and validate the concepts. Teachers help them in performing experiments and at the same time encouraging them to make their own discoveries.

  • Math Lab

  • The Mathematics Laboratory is a place, rich in manipulative material, to which children have ready access to handle them, perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in other activities. An integral part of the mathematics laboratory is the manipulation of objects. Through Instruments, Tables, Charts etc. A mathematics theme based ambience is created. It provides an opportunity to students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations. The child is better able to bridge the gap between the real and the abstract world. The laboratory also encourages the students to think, discuss amongst themselves as well as with the teacher, and make them to understand the concepts.

  • Elementary Resource Room

  • A place with requisite toys, games, puppets, puzzles etc. for toddlers, exposing the little ones to the joy of learning with fun. They touch, feel, observe, play and learn in the various learning stations according to their interests.

  • Sports

  • Education now-a-days is a changed concept. The method and terminology of teaching is changing day by day for the improvement of the total education process. Physical Education plays a vital role in this modern era. Education through physical activities is a vital instrument of education. On the account of universal acceptance of these views and to have healthy individuals who are fit to face the various challenges of life, emphasis is laid on Physical Education.

    We have sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have brilliant coaches who are ready to help the students and teach them the skills of good sportsmanship.

  • Transport

  • Jairam Public School Provides an optional transportation service to the students,The School is easily accessible from in and around Salem. The parent who wants to send their children by school bus should apply for it to the principal at the beginning of the academic year. Booming transport facilities ensure that our students and staff are able to reach the School in time with utmost ease.

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