All Round Development

Language Development

It is important that children understand communication not just through speaking, but also by using body language and gestures.

  • Cognitive Development

  • It is crucial that a child's learning, understanding, problem solving, reasoning and memory skills are enhanced through various activities.

  • Fine Motor Development

  • At a very early age, the child should be able to use his or her hands not only to eat and dress, but also to draw, play, write, be creative and inventive and in the process, develop aesthetic skills.

  • Gross Motor Development

  • Gross motor skills help in developing simple skill like how to sit, stand, walk and run, keep balance and change position.

  • Personal Awareness

  • Habits are formed at this stage and it is imperative that children learn not only about themselves but also develop independence, safety and hygiene.

  • Socio- emotional Development

  • It is very important that children learn to build positive relationships with their family friends and teachers.

  • Talent Development

  • It is important to help the children identify their abilities early in life so that their full potential can be realized. It is a gradual process from kindergarten to middle school. We encourage children to be creative and provide an environment where they can express themselves and feel inspired from within.

    We identify every student's specific strength and focus our attention on the development of those. Talents are divided into 4 major domains.

  • Academic or Intellectual Abilities:

  • Development of language skills such as poetry writing, mathematical abilities, scientific abilities, space programs, robotics inventions and project, forensic science, scientific skills, etc.

  • Creative Abilities:

  • Developing artistic skill like dance, musical instrumental or vocal (Western or Classical), drama, photography, drawing/painting, sculpture, etc.

  • Physical Abilities:

  • Sports such as athletics, field games, judo, karate, skating, chess, etc.

  • Social Abilities:

  • Focus on abilities which children use in their daily interactions with classmates, teachers and parents, development of other qualities such as leadership, problem solving abilities, interpersonal communication, handling peer pressure, etc.

    All stakeholders in the school- teachers, parent, and students themselves play an important role in identifying and channelizing the talent of the child in the right direction.

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